Michael Stowers

Michael Alfred Stowers, a Chartered Accountant and Partner in an east Auckland 2 partner firm, he is not just a numbers man; he’s a force to be reckoned with on the marathon and Ironman circuits. He has 62 marathons under his belt as of April 26, 2024,  this doesn’t include the 19 marathons as part of the Ironman run leg, Stowers is a testament to the power of dedication and endurance.

He attributes his love of marathons to joining a great supporting and encouraging run club, the The Auckland YMCA Marathon Club since renamed the The Y Marathon club, it has a number of club members who have run over 100 marathons with some  , passing 200 , 300 and 350 marathons!

Stowers’ marathon journey began as a 128kg Samoan in 2006 with the Rotorua Marathon, and since then, he has relentlessly pursued his passion for running , swimming and cycling. He’s conquered iconic races worldwide, including the 2023 New York City Marathon, showcasing his prowess on both local and international stages. He has got the bug and wants to complete the 6 Abbotts World Majors with Berlin this September , the remaining 4 , London , Boston , Chicago and Tokyo in the next few years.

In addition to his marathon feats, Stowers boasts an impressive tally of 19 Ironman finishes. From the beautiful IMNZ course in Taupo IMNZ to the challenging hilly courses of Challenge Wanaka and even the pinnacle of triathlon, the grueling terrain in Ironman World Championships in Kona 2022.

But Stowers’ commitment doesn’t end with completing races; it’s a way of life. As a devoted runstreaker, he’s laced up his shoes and pounded the pavement for a remarkable streak, logging an average of 5k every single day since April 1, 2014. This year marks over a decade of unwavering dedication, earning him the 8th spot on the prestigious AUSTRALIA + NEW ZEALAND + OCEANIA ACTIVE RUNNING STREAK LIST.

Looking ahead, Stowers has his sights set on joining the illustrious 100 Marathon Club, with just 38 more marathons to achieve this monumental goal. As he prepares to notch his 15th Rotorua Marathon, Stowers is poised to join the exclusive Rotorua Marathon Survivors Club, reserved for those with 15 or more Rotorua finishes.

With an indomitable spirit and a relentless drive for running, Michael Alfred Stowers continues to inspire and be a role model for the pacifika communities to get active.

A lot of people ask how I have managed to achieve this , I said its simple , I run slowly! 

Yet from 128kg , a slowest time of 7h15 , coming last in 3 marathons he steadlily chipped away to be now 99kg and a PB of 4h29.

I know my marathon PB is still ahead of me because of my Ace card – my weight.! My target once I get down to under 90kg I’ll be breaking the 4hr mark! I turn 60 in 2 years time , the Boston Qualifying times for 60-64 age group is sub 3h50 , so watch this space!

My mantra – Finishing is winning!

AUSNZ Marathons
129 Apr 2006Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ6:16:25
222 Oct 2006Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ4:56:47
328 Apr 2007Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ5:14:54
43 May 2008Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ4:51:21
51 Nov 2008Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ5:17:00
61 May 2010Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ6:15:19
731 Oct 2010Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ7:07:26
830 Apr 2011Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ7:09:12
919 Jun 2011Wellington MarathonWellington NZ5:53:29
1030 Aug 2011North Shore MarathonAuckland NZ7:15:00
1130 Oct 2011Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ6:17:12
1211 Dec 2011Whanganui MarathonWhanganui NZ6:59:00
1328 Apr 2012Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ6:14:46
144 May 2013Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ5:47:22
153 Nov 2013Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ6:34:13
163 May 2014Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ5:40:19
1722 Jun 2014Wellington MarathonWellington NZ4:57:15
187 Sep 2014North Shore MarathonAuckland NZ5:34:29
1913 Sep 2014Legend MarathonAuckland NZ5:27:32
202 Nov 2014Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ6:29:11
212 May 2015Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ4:48:44
226 Sep 2015North Shore MarathonAuckland NZ5:15:53
2312 Sep 2015Legend MarathonAuckland NZ5:03:53
241 Nov 2015Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ6:12:24
2530 Apr 2016Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ4:49:03
2626 Jun 2016Wellington MarathonWellington NZ4:55:44
2711 Sep 2016North Shore MarathonAuckland NZ5:05:10
2830 Oct 2016Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ5:39:04
296 May 2017Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ5:01:52
3018 Jun 2017Wellington MarathonWellington NZ4:40:23
313 Sep 2017North Shore MarathonAuckland NZ4:55:25
327 Oct 2017Tauranga MarathonTauranga NZ4:49:43
3329 Oct 2017Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ5:06:37
3423 Jan 20188th Continent MarathonAuckland NZ5:21:50
355 May 2018Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ4:57:58
361 Jul 2018Wellington MarathonWellington NZ4:35:50
372 Sep 2018North Shore MarathonAuckland NZ5:22:04
3828 Oct 2018Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ4:55:13
3920 Jan 20198th Continent MarathonAuckland NZ4:58:35
409 Mar 2019Kirikiriroa MarathonHamilton NZ4:34:08
414 May 2019Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ4:59:19
4230 Jun 2019Wellington MarathonWellington NZ4:44:34
4321 Sep 2019Tauranga MarathonTauranga NZ4:56:14
4420 Oct 2019Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ4:57:33
4521 Jan 20208th ContinentAuckland NZ4:56:13
462 Aug 2020Taupo MarathonTaupo NZ4:29:23
4711 Oct 2020Wairarapa MarathonWairarapa NZ5:00:22
481 Nov 2020Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ5:08:37
4917 Jan 20218th Continent MarathonAuckland NZ5:36:12
5023 Jan 2022Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ5:52:49
5127 Feb 20228th Continent MarathonAuckland NZ5:55:22
5219 Jun 2022Wellington MarathonWellington NZ4:49:37
536 Aug 2022Taupo MarathonTaupo NZ4:50:50
544 Sep 2022North Shore MarathonAuckland NZ5:19:36
5530 Oct 2022Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ5:16:42
5624 Jan 20238th Continent MarathonAuckland NZ5:25:40
576 May 2023Rotorua MarathonRotorua NZ5:15:40
5825 Jun 2023Wellington MarathonWellington NZ5:51:31
595 Aug 2023Taupo MarathonTaupo NZ5:44:52
6029 Oct 2023Auckland MarathonAuckland NZ5:05:13
6121 Jan 20248th Continent MarathonAuckland NZ5:26:12
International Marathons
15 Nov 20232023 TCS New York City MarathonNew York US5:26:09