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 To encourage runners to attempt the marathon distance and in turn increase the free membership of this club. To further encourage those members to continue to run many more marathons with the aim of one day possibly reaching the 100 total. To maintain a free and accurate database of members marathon totals and results.

we also try and provide the following:

To promote the marathon distance in Australia & New Zealand.

To welcome newcomers to the sport of marathon running and encourage as many new members as possible to join this club.  

To make it as easy as possible for those new members to continue running marathons in Australia & New Zealand by promoting events and new marathon challenges.

To share knowledge and experience amongst new & existing members. 

To encourage and assist members to one day hopefully reach the 100 marathon total.

To arrange regular get together’s of our members at marathon events to catch-up and share stories.


Bernie Cummins

Trevor Carpenter

Chris Glacken

Website members marathon (stats) updates:

David Billett

BRAVERUNNERS AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club is an unincorporated club and is FREE to join with no upfront or ongoing costs to becoming a member.

Facebook Group

There is a closed facebook group at the following link which you can request membership if you are intending to or have run at least one marathon,


This group is all about the 42.195 km marathon distance.

It was created to encourage runners to attempt the marathon distance and bring together and update all runners who have run or intend to run in the very near future at least one 42.195 km marathon in Australia or New Zealand with the aim of running many more.

International marathons will also be listed separately and added to an individuals total.

Any news, updates, training advice, upcoming marathons and runners milestones will be posted here.

Our members results website is located at www.braverunners.com. Membership is free and if you wish to join please advise in this Facebook group and you will be added and allocated a membership number.

Please feel free to share your marathon stories, questions and advice in this group as well.

Our number one aim is to encourage runners to attempt the marathon distance and in turn increase the membership of this club. If you are new to the marathon distance please feel free to ask advice from any of our existing club members.